BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

I eat at BJ’s two days a week usually. Its my go-to place for take-out in Broomfield. Now why I eat here so often is not only because of the quality of the food, but also because it happens to be very near to my home. The food is cheap and very affordable and I don’t mind eating out here regularly. I live alone and have a hectic work schedule and that prevents me from cooking most days of the week. I have other places where I eat regularly too but BJ’s is my favorite haunt. I do cook on weekends though when friends come over for a meal.

Anyway, the menu here is HUGE. Yes, I mean it. It’s almost as giant as the menu at the Cheesecake Factory. May be even bigger. I haven’t counted the items though. There is a LOT of options to choose from and no matter what food preferences you have, you will find something to suit you. There are many gluten-free dishes on offer as well as lots of vegetarian dishes. I totally love restaurants which understand that different people may have different food tolerance levels and have choices to accommodate them. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse definitely falls in that category.

The craft beers that the in-house brewery makes are awesome. I am myself quite a craft beer-freak and don’t like wines too much. This place has a huge variety of beers to choose from. If you are a non-alcoholic drinker, you will love the root beer they serve.

The Tuscan Chicken Limone Pasta is a favorite of mine. The pasta sauce is lovely and is perfect for eating at home sitting in front of the television. May be that is why I love it so! They have wonderfully calorie-rich Deep-Dish Pizzas and I often find myself ordering one. Full of cheese and fresh ingredients, BJ’s pizzas are from heaven! They also have nice gluten-free pizzas for people who are gluten-intolerant.

The service at this restaurant is not fake at all. It is genuine and the servers are nice and friendly but not overtly so. They are interested in your comfort and keep your beer glasses filled but they will not trouble you with too many questions.

Parking is not a problem and is free. There is a shared lot and you will not have any problems parking your car.

What I understand is that a lot of people come in here for take-away and after-work drinks. The after-work drinks’ people usually look for a place where they can have a quiet chat with co-workers over a drink. They don’t want a place that is too loud or flashy. And this place is perfect for all that. Also, the food is a great accompaniment to the drinks on offer and is priced cheap. What’s more, there is Happy Hour everyday, which has many loyal patrons coming in. Overall, a place I visit a lot for hanging out or some great food.

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