Cracovia Polish-American Grill

Today I had lunch at Cracovia Polish-American Grill, a new member of the family of Broomfield restaurants.  At least I think that’s the name of this restaurant.  I’m still not totally sure what the exact name of this restaurant is.  The menu says “Cracovia – Your Family Restaurant – A Taste of Poland.”  When I arrived, about 12:30, there were three other groups of people there.  Two of them were speaking Polish and the third group was speaking English.  All the other patrons were middle aged or older, and most of them were dressed like they just came here from church.

When I walked in the door with my backpack slung over my shoulder, wearing shorts and sandals, several people turned and stared.  And I thought, “This place has only been open two weeks, so how can anyone develop in that short time a sense of ownership of the joint that they would stare at newcomers?”

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