Village Tavern

I went to the Village Tavern in Broomfield last week for dinner with the family. My wife and two kids were with me. My wife had a lot of shopping to do at the mall and we were very tired and hungry at the end of it. The kids were cranky and wanted something sweet. Though there is the food court at the mall where you can get a lot of food options, we decided to try the Village Tavern. What can I say, the place looked awesome from the outside and my wife wanted to go in there and eat! So we went. The place is beautifully decorated and the patio is where we sat. The view from the patio is actually quite good and kids loved the sights of the mall they got to see from there. The giant Check and Checkers makes for nice viewing from a kid’s perspective. The décor, as I mentioned before, is amazing and sort of upscale, though not too much. The idea the owners want to convey is perhaps that it is a ‘quasi-steakhouse. And they succeed

Now for the food. The food at the Village Tavern is what you would expect from a steakhouse. I had the Steak Oscar. The meat was flavorful and very tender, just the way I like it. My wife had the beef steak while both the kids had Chicken tender wings. The menu is actually very kid-friendly and the staff especially wanted to know if there were any special food needs any of us had. Nonetheless, everyone in my family ate well. What should be pointed out though is that the food is not cheap here. My steak dish cost almost $30! So if you are looking for a cheap bite, you had better stick to the mall at the food court

The Village Tavern has Happy Hour the whole of Sundays, which I think is wonderful. And on Wednesdays, they sell half-priced wines. Though I didn’t really get to check out their alcohol collection, I think they have a full bar with more than 60 wines in store. So you will have a lot to choose from if you don’t have to drive yourself later

The service was okay overall. But what I wanted to point out was that, the service was not FANTASTIC. May be my expectations were too high, but when I pay $30 for one steak, I expect that my glass will be refilled. However, this was not the case and our glasses were not refilled even though we had told out server. Perhaps the management should look into bringing in a better quality of service people in the team.

Anyway, overall, the Village Tavern turned out to be a good place for a bite and a drink. I expect that a lot of tired shoppers from the mall come into this place tempted by the lovely decor (just like us). Apart from the average service, the place was great and the food wonderful. We are surely going to visit this place again.

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